A Poem for our brothers who were recently killed because of their faith in Jesus. This world was not worthy of them.

Find rest, my dear brothers. 

Your anguish is done.

You’re sheltered at last

From the heat of the sun.

You’ll never more hunger,

Never more thirst,

Where first things are last

And last things are first.

Your suffering is over

And so are your fears.

And so is your weeping.

He wipes every tear.

See the Lamb there before You

In the midst of the throne. 

Oh, He is your Shepherd.

Now He is your home.

Your robes are washed white.

They are washed in His blood.

And death is defeated.

You have overcome.

So rest in His presence.

You  finished your fight.

Until we all are together

When things are made right.

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